Packaging & Shipment


All orders will be packed and shipped by my local partners in Lhasa and Beijing, People’s Republic of China, through China Post.


To secure an undamaged receipt of the books, all books will be wrapped in paper, taped by package tape, and then packed in a packing box of China Post. After the shipment, the entrepreneur will provide the consumer with the respective tracking number of each parcel.


All orders will be shipped within one week after the receipt of payment. The delivery duration varies according to the chosen shipping method:

  • China Post, Surface (Sea) Mail: 3-6 months; takes mostly 2 months.
  • China Post, SAL: 1-3 montsh; takes mostly 1 month.
  • China Post, Air Mail: ca. 10-20 days.
  • China Post, EMS: ca. 1 week.

The actual packing and shipping costs depend on the weight and destination of each order and will be calculated accordingly. All orders will be send as “Printed Matter” along with the order’s invoice and “Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU).”


The entrepreneur will provide the customs declarations form, specifying the parcel’s content (“Printed Matter”), the amount of goods, and its value. The entrepreneur will not be responsible for any additional customs/import duties or any other charges in the country of delivery.


Please note that the entrepreneur can’t take responsibility for an uninsured parcel which got lost in the process of shipping, as the entrepreneur is not able to take any responsibility for China Post or the carrier company in the country of delivery. In this case the consumer has to pay for the shipping fee as well as the entrepreneur’s purchase price of the books ordered by the consumer. However, the entrepreneur will do his best to support the customer in search of the lost parcel and to find a solution agreeable for both parties. Similarly, the entrepreneur won't be able to take any responsibility for books that got damaged in the process of shipping due to any mishandling by the carrier companies. But also in this case the entrepreneur will do his best to offer a solution that is agreeable for both parties


In case a parcel is returned due to the fact that the consumer provided a wrong address, the consumer did not pick up the parcel at the customs office of his or her home country, or some communication problems occured between the customs office, the local carrier company and the consumer, the consumer has to cover the shipping as well as returning fee of the parcel.

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