How to Order & the Conclusion of Contract


The consumer is asked to place his or her order with the entrepreneur electronically by email (Please send your order to: In response, the entrepreneur will send an order acknowledgement specifiying the order together with the incurring costs for packing and shipment along with the legally effective general terms and conditions. This will give the consumer the opportunity to review his or her order and make corrections. Afterwards, the consumer needs to place his or final order with by way of a confirmation email. In response, the entrepreneur will provide the consumer with the invoice. The receipt of the consumer's payment results in a delivery contract to which the  General Terms and Conditions shall apply.


In case an ordered book is out of stock, the consumer will be informed within 2-3 days and provided with restocking details. If it won't be possible to restock, the entrepreneur can refuse the order. Moreover, the order will be refused if (1) the supply of books is not put duly at the enterprise’s disposal, (2) some mistakes occurred in the prices and descriptions of the books the entrepreneur himself has received from third parties or (3) the entrepreneur does not receive the payment.


Please note the minimum order value of € 50,- per order.

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