Advance Notice  dPal brtsegs bod yig dpe rnying zhib jug khang

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these works and I will be happy to let you know when they are finally published.


1. Karma pa dus gsum mkhyen pa’i gsung ’bum, 3 vols.

2. Karma pakshi’i gsung ’bum, 12 vols.

3. Karma pa rang ’byung rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 15 vols.

4. Karma pa rol pa’i rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 1 vol.

5. Karma pa mthong ba don ldan gyi gsung ’bum, 6 vols.

6. Karma pa chos grags rgya mtsho’i gsung ’bum, 15 vols.

7. Karma pa mi bskyod rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 36 vols.

8. Karma pa dbang phyug rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 9 vols.

9. Karma pa chos dbyings rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 2 vols.

10. Karma pa bdud ’dul rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 2 vols.

11. Karma pa theg mchog rdo rje’i gsung ’bum, 1 vol.

12. Zhwa dmar mkha’ spyod dbang po’i gsung ’bum, 13 vols.

13. Zhwa dmar chos grags ye shes kyi gsung ’bum, 28 vols.

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