Second Update, 02.2011,


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

after the celebrations of Shigatse Losar and the Chinese Spring Festival have ended, are now in Lhasa the preparations for the upcomoing Losar in full swing. Before this festive season starts at the beginning of March and shops will close down for over a week, I am happy to provide here the second update for 2011 on the latest activities of dPal brtsegs as well as on some newer and older publications.


1. dPal brtsegs bod yig dpe rnying zhib 'jug khang 

Bod kyi lo rgyus rnam thar phyogs bsgrigs, 30 vols. (dpe cha) and 1 vol. dKar chag (book format), mTsho sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang. ISBN 978-7-5420-1464-1.

A collection of religious-historical works and biographies in dpe cha format. For the content of the individual volumes, please download the dKar chag from here.

Price: € 600,-


Advance Notice

dPal brtsegs is working on various new collections. Among the next to be published are the fourth set of the collection of bKa' dams pa masters' works and the first 30 vols. in a series of works of bKa' brgyud pa masters totaling around 500 vols.


2. New Publications

1          Author: Chos rgyal Srong btsan sgam po, gTer ston: Grub thob dNgor sgrub, etc. Ma ṇi bka' 'bum. Gangs can khyad nor dpe tshogs pod phreng 135 and 136, 2 vols. (large book format, soft cover), 547 pp. and 463 pp. Ser gtsug nang bstan dpe tshogs dpe rnying 'tshol bsdu phyogs sgrig khang nas bsgrigs. Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang, 2011. ISBN 978-7-223-03011-3.

Price: € 36,-


2          rGyal dbang Chos rje Blo bzang 'phrin las rnam rgyal (b. 19th cent.). 'Jam mgon chos kyi rgyal po tsong kha pa chen po'i rnam thar thub bstan mdzes pa'i rgyan gcig ngo mtshar no bu'i phreng ba dang mdzad rnam zhal thang. Gangs can khyad nor dpe tshogs pod phreng 58, 425 pp. (large book format, soft cover) + 84 pp. colored illustrations of a Thangka set of Tsong kha pa's life story (Gru 'dzin gnyis pa'i gzhal yas khang pho brang chen po po ta lar bzhugs su gsol ba'i rje tsong kha pa chen po'i mdzad rnam zhal thang bzhugs so). Ser gtsug nang bstan dpe tshogs dpe rnying 'tshol bsdu phyogs sgrig khang nas bsgrigs. Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang, 2009. ISBN 978-7-223-02705-2.

Price: € 20,-


3          bSam shod (ed.). lHa sa'i gna' shul lo rgyus padma'i dga' tshal. 142 pp., (including some colored illustrations) 2010. ISBN 978-7-223-03013-7.

            A book on the history of numerous ancient sites of Lhasa.

Price: € 5,-


4          Chos rNam rgyal (ed.). dPal sa skya'i gnas yig me long ma: Sa skya'i yul skor lam yig, Sa skya'i gnas mjal ngo sprod, Shes rtogs sa skya'i khyad nor. 124 pp., 2009.

            A beautifully done, fully colored guidebook on Sa skya monastery introducing its main temples and religious images as well as connected retreat sites in Tibetan and Chinese.

Price:  € 15,-


5          rDor phrug, mGon pod Bang rgyal, sKal bzang don grub, and Chos 'dzin. Krung go'i bod brgyud nang dgon dkar chag las kan su'u glegs bam. Kan su'u mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 783 pp. (large book format, hard cover), 2009. ISBN 978-7-5421-1123-4.

            A book featuring the history of more than 400 Tibetan monasteries in Gansu province.

Price: € 40,-

6          Nam mkha'i nor bu (b. 1938). Zhang bod lo rgyus ti se'i 'od. Krung go'i bod rig dpe skrun khang, Second edition, 554 pp. (large book format, soft cover) 2009. ISBN 978-7-80253-158-1.

            Price: € 30,-


7          Le 'dod mo (chief editor). Bod kyi gso rig tshig mdzod rab gsal me long. Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1217 pp., 2009. ISBN 978-7-105-10025-5.

A Tibetan-Tibetan-Chinese dictionary on Tibetan Medicine.

Price: € 15,-   


8          Khu byug. Legs sbyar sgra rig pa'i rnam bshad blo gsal 'jug ngogs. Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 558 pp., 2010. ISBN 978-7-105-11156-5.

            Price: € 10,-


9          mKhyen rab dbang phyug. Grub mtha'. Bod ljongs mi dmangs dpe skrun khang, 177 pp., 2009.ISBN 978-7-223-02686-4.

            A work introducing the various non-Buddhist and Buddhist tenets, their diffusion in Tibet and the viewpoints of the Tibetan Buddhist schools.

            Price: € 5,-


3. Older Publications

1          dKon mchog bstan 'dzin (b. 1949). bZo gnas skra rtse'i chu thigs. Krung go'i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang, 588 pp. + 129 pp. illustrations, 2002. ISBN 7-80057-582-9.

Chapters: 1. gZugs bzo'i lo rgyus (pp. 1–138), 2. Bod kyi gzugs bzo'i rnam grangs (pp. 139–255), 3. sKu gzugs kyi thig rtsa (pp. 256–287), 4. sKu'i rnam pa dang rgyan sogs kyi khyad par (pp. 288–315), 5. Zhar byung gi ri mo (pp. 316–359), 6. Zhal thang bkod yig (pp. 360–461), 7. Lag len gyi shes bya (pp. 462–553), 8. Mi chos lha bzo'i mtshan nyid (pp. 554–568), Zur bkod (pp. 569–588), and 129 pp. illustrations.

Price: € 20,-


2          bsTan pa rab brtan (b. 1941). Bod kyi srol rgyun mdzes rtsal las bris 'bur gnyis kyi byung ba mdo tsam brjod pa. Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 270 pp., 2007. ISBN 978-7-105-08396-1.     

A book on the history of Tibetan painting and statue crafting by the Tibetan artist bsTan pa rab brtan.

            Price: € 8,-


3          dPa' bo gTsug lag phreng ba (1504–1564/66). Chos 'byung mkhas pa'i dga' ston. Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 785 pp. (large book format, soft cover), 2006. ISBN 7-105-07421-3.

            Price: € 30,-


4          Kong sprul Yon tan rgya mtsho (1813–1899). Shes bya kun khyab. Edited by rDo rje rgyal po and Thub bstan nyi ma. Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 1028 pp. (large book format, soft cover), 2002. ISBN 7-105-03366-5.

Price: € 35,-

5          Mi nyag mGon po (1923–2008). Gangs can mkhas dbang rim byon gyi rnam thar bsdus (deb dang po). Krung go'i bod kyi shes rig dpe skrun khang, 797 pp., 1996. ISBN 7-80057-108-4.

            Price: € 15,-

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