Seventh Update, October 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I just received the dKar chag to the Bod kyi lo rgyus rnam thar phyogs bsgrigs. Because many of you inquired after it, I now uploaded it on my website. I was told the publishing may take another month. Moreover, as an October Update, I offer two new interesting gSung 'bum editions and two further individual works.


Advance Notice - dPal brtsegs bod yig dpe rnying zhib 'jug khang

Bod kyi lo rgyus rnam thar phyogs bsgrigs, 30 vols., mTsho sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang. ISBN 978-7-5420-1464-1.
A collection of religious-historical works and biographies in dpe cha format. For the contents of the individual volumes, please have a look here: dKar chag
I was told the publishing may take another month.

Price: € 600,-


gSung 'bum

1. Rong ston gsung 'bum / Rong ston bka' 'bum. 10 vols. (ka–tha). bSod nams chos 'phel (ed.). Gangs ljongs rgyal rong mkhas chen rnams kyi gsung 'bum phyogs bsgrigs. Si khron dpe skrun tshogs pa / Si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang.  ISBN 978-7-5409-3600-6.

The Collected Works of the Sa skya master Rong ston Shes bya kun rig (1367–1449) alias Rong ston Shākya rgyal mtshan: gsung rab ma phyi btsal rnyed phyogs sgrig bgyis pa'i dpe tshogs shig yin.

Price: € 100,- 

Vol. 1: Rong ston thams cad mkhyen pa'i gsung 'bumg gsar sgrig gi dkar chag lhag bsam dkar po'i me tog, rJe btsun thams cad mkhyen pa'i bshes gnyen shākya rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po'i zhal snga nas kyi rnam par thar pa ngo mtshar dad pa'i rol mtsho, Bla ma dam pa rong ston chos rje'i rnam par thar pa| phrin las rgyas shing rgyun mi chad pa'i rten 'brel bzang po, Rong ston thams cad mkhyen pa'i gsung 'bum pod dang po'i dbur bstod tshogs kyi skor, sGom khrid man ngag gi skor, 'Grel chung rnams kyi skor, Shes rab snying po'i rnam bshad yum don rab gsal, mNgon par rtogs pa'i rgyan gyi brjod bya nor ba rtogs pa brgyad don bdun cu la sogs pa nyams su len pa'i tshul, dBu ma rgyan chung, Legs par bshes pa'i spring yig gi rnam bshad thar lam bde ba'i them skas, 643 p.;   

Vol. 2: dPal gsang ba 'dus pa'i rnam bshad byin rlabs kyi bdud rtsi rnam par rol ba'i gter, 637 p.;

Vol. 3: rGyal ba'i gsung rab rgya mtsho la 'jug pa'i sgo grub mtha' bzhi'i dgongs don rnam par 'byed pa'i rgyan, Shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa'i man ngag gi bstan bcos mngon par rtogs pa'i rgyan zhes bya ba'i 'grel pa'i rnam bshad tshig don rab tu gsal ba, 701 p.;

Vol. 4: mNgon par rtogs pa'i rgyan 'grel pa dang bcas pa'i dka' ba'i gnas rnam par 'byed pa zab don gnad kyi zla 'od, Shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa'i lam nyams su len pa'i rim pa mun sel sgron me, Shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa stong phrag brgya pa'i rnam 'grel gyi dbu phyogs, 668 p.; 

Vol. 5: Shes rab kyi pha rol tu phyin pa stong phrag brgya pa'i rnam 'grel gyi smad phyogs, 692 p.;

Vol. 6: dBu ma rtsa ba'i rnam bshad zab mo'i de kho na nyid snang ba, dBu ma la 'jug pa'i rnam bshad nges don rnam nges, dBu ma rigs pa'i tshogs kyi dka' ba'i gnad bstan pa rigs lam kun gsal, 707 p.;

Vol. 7: mDo sde rgyab gyi rnam bshad theg chen gsal bar byed pa'i gnad kyi sgron me, dBus dang mtha' rnam par 'byed pa'i rnam par bshad pa mi pham dgongs rgyan, Chos dang chos nyid rnam par 'byed pa'i rnam bshad legs par 'doms pa lha'i rnga bo che, Theg pa chen po rgyud bla ma'i bstan bcos legs par bshad pa, 643 p.;

Vol. 8: Chos mngon pa brjod kyi rnam bshad zhes bya rab gsal, sGom rim dang po'i 'grel pa zhi lhag gsal bar byed pa'i rgyan, sGom rim bar pa'i 'grel pa gnad kyi zla zer, 636 p.;

Vol. 9: sGom rim tha ma'i 'grel pa lha'i rnga sgra, 'Dul ba me tog phreng rgyud kyi rnam 'grel tshig don rab tu gsal ba'i nyi 'od, 636 p.;

Vol. 10: Tshad ma rigs pa'i gter gyi rnam bshad nyi ma'i snying po; 557 p.

2. dNgul chu Dharma bha dra'i gsung 'bum. 6 vols. Gangs can rig mdzod 49–54. Bod ljongs bod yig dpe skrun khang, 2010. ISBN 978-7-80589-087-6.

The Collected Works of the dGe lugs pa polymath dNgul chu Dharma bha dra (1772–1851) alias dNgul chu Chos kyi bzang po.

Price: € 54,-


Various Works

1. 'Bri gung Ra se dKon mchog rgya mtsho (b. 1968). Bod re ba can. Kan su'u mi rigs dpe skrun khang, p. 439, 2010. ISBN 978-7-5421-1595-9.

This is a new publication quite famous among Tibetans from the 'Bri gung scholar monk 'Bri gung Ra se dKon mchog rgya mtsho. Ra se dKon mchog is famous for his 'Bri gung chos 'byung and biography of 'Jig rten gsum mgon. But, besides, he has also written articles on such topics as A khu ston pa and woman in Tibetan society. This new publication features his critical view on Tibetan religious practice and beliefs as well as on Tibetan society.

Price: € 10,-


2. Reb gong rDo rje mkhar. Bod kyi gna' rabs kyi lo rgyus sngon med kyi bang mdzod. Kan su'u mi rigs dpe skrun khang, p. 537 (larger book format), 2010.

Including: Bod kyi yul khams chags tshul, Mi'i 'gro ba'i mched khungs, Bod mi'i byung tshul ngos bdhad pa, Mi rigs bzhi la sogs pa'i skor, Shar phyogs kyi yul du bod mi'i gdung rgyud kyi khyab tshul, Bod kyi gdod ma'i rigs gnas, Yul gyi ming dang rgyal blon gyi tha snyad byung tshul, and gNam gyi khri btsan gyi lo rgyus.

Price: € 20,-


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