Fourth Update, June 16th, 2010


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

after quite some time comes here a short update on the latest publication.

Finally, the rNying ma rgyud 'bum has been publsihed and consists of a total of 58 vol., two more than initially announced due to more findings of texts.

sNga 'gyur rgyud 'bum phyogs bsgrigs / rNying ma rgyud 'bum phyogs bsgrigs.

58 vols. (dpe cha) and 1 vol. dKar chag (book format). Mi rigs dpe skrun khang.

Collection of tantras from the rNying ma tradition.

Price: € 900,-


The following editions were used:

rnying ma rgyud 'bum gyi ma dpe ni sde dge rnying ma rgyud 'bum gzhi bzhag gi thog la mtshams brag rgyud 'bum dang| gting skyes rgyud 'bum| 'brug sgang steng rgyud 'bum bcas dang dpe bsdur dang chos tshan kha skong| gzhan yang bai ros rgyud 'bum nas kyang kha skong zhus yod|


The third edition of the bKa' gdams gsung 'bum is still available. Also are some last copies of the Sa skya'i chos 'byung gces bsdus as well as of the gSung 'bum of Red mda' ba available.

The other anounced publications from the mKhyen brtse'i 'od snang series as well as the E wam bKa' 'bum still await their publication.

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