First Update, 1.2010


I wish You a happy, healthy and successful New Year 2010 and I also extend my best wishes for the Tibetan New Year 2137.


Unfortunately, the third edition of the bKa' gdams gsung 'bum as well as the rNying ma rgyud 'bum still await their publication. As soon as they will finally be published, I will be happy to let You know.


Advance Notice:

1. rNying ma rgyud 'bum phyogs bsgrigs. 56 vols. (dpe cha) and one 1 vol. dKar chag (book format)

Collection of tantras from the rNying ma tradition.

Price: € 900,-

dPal brtsegs is working on two new, very interesting publications; both will be published in the
Mes po'i shul bzhag series.

2. Klong chen pa'i gsung 'bum, 26 vol., book format.

Collected Works of Klong chen Rab 'byams pa Dri med 'od zer (1308-1346).

3.  E waM bka' 'bum, 20 vols., book format.

Compilation of Collected Works of numerous masters from the Ngor tradition:
Ngor chen Kun dga' bzang po (1382-1456)
Mus chen dKon mchog rgyal mtshan (1388-1469)
'Jam dbyangs shes rab rgya mtsho (1396-1474)
dKon mchog lhun grub (1497-1557)
dKon mchog dpal ldan (1526-1590)
Sangs rgyas phun tshogs (1649-1705)

Apart from these four publications, all the other works by dPal brtsges listed in the
book list are still available. 


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